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Aigo is on a mission to bring Human-Level AI to the World to Optimize Human Flourishing.

Aigo created a Paradigm-Shifting Conversational AI technology based on Ground Breaking Cognitive Architecture that has memory, deep contextual understanding, interactive learning, and reasoning that delivers Hyper-Personalized Conversational Experiences at Scale for Enterprise Customers and Employees providing superior service and replacing human agents. Aigo has already replaced thousands of human agents at the call centers.

The core technology is now being extended and enhanced to achieve Human-Level AI also referred to as AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) with a detailed AGI roadmap and milestones.

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Problem statement

Today: Replace Human Agents in Call Centers

Tomorrow: Unleash the power of Aigo with human-like and human level intelligence towards solving diseases, climate change, poverty, inequality, dramatically reduce the cost of goods and services, expert enterprise workers and expert personal assistants.

Traction information

1. Replaced thousands of Level 1 and Level 2 human agents in the Call Centers
2. eCommerce, Insurance, Banks and Healthcare is where our customers reside
3. Both Chat and Voice are extensively used, Chat is more popular and cheaper than voice
4. Provide Hyper-Personalized Service for millions of end customers
5. Hosted behind enterprise customer's firewall


June 2024

Human-Level AI Roadmap w/ Milestones

  1. Seeding AGI Brain
  2. Improved Brain
  3. Advanced Brain
  4. Commercial Capabilities
  5. Platform for the Community
  6. Use Cases/ Applications
  7. Sales/ Mktg Playbooks
  8. First Live Customers
  9. Paying Customers


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Currently raising capital

round goal
Total raised to date:$10,000,000
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