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ASX designs and manufactures flexible heavy lift vertical take off and landing aircraft for Defense, Emergency Response, Cargo and Passenger Mobility. We have a full proof of concept and LOIs for 100 aircraft with engagements with the US Air Force and US Navy.

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Traffic in urban cities around the globe results in over $300 billion in wasted time, fuel and productivity while emitting some 38 billion pounds of carbon emissions into the environment. People, food and health care are having a difficult time moving around, and it's time to do something different! Elevate traffic.

Traction information

- Distinguished leadership team with top tier commercial partners
- Full Scale Automated Aircraft and Ground Robot built and tested
- Awarded Michigan Dept. of Transportation Grant to deploy Flying Wireless Mesh Network for Traffic Managment
- Customers MOUs/LOIs for 100 aircraft
- Under Contract with US Air Force Agility Prime.
-LOI with US Navy
-Well positioned for acquisition by US Automaker in Detroit, MI.

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May 2023

Sub-Scale Aircraft Designed and Built

Designed and built a sub-scale aircraft for flight control testing and validation. Flight testing begins 6/3/23

January 2023

Autonomous docking of Container to Aircraft

Ground robot was trained to plug “container” into the aircraft with prototype battery on-board.

December 2022

Designed and built prototype 400 v battery pack

Assembled 30 kWh, 400v battery pack to include fuses, contactors, battery management system for preliminary testing.

September 2022

Designed and Built a Container for Advanced Mobility in 60 days

Prototype payload module with integrated flight battery and payload locking system.

August 2022

Full Scale Aircraft Completed

Fully functional, large scale electric VTOL built and hover tested. 400 v system with 1,000 hp, 6,660 ft/lb torque. Lifting capacity 4,500lb.

July 2022

Autonomous Ground Robot designed and built in 18 months

All wheel drive, all wheel steering transformer ground robot to plug and play a fresh payload/battery into the Sigma-6 Aircraft.

March 2022

Designed and built sub-scale Mule

Prior to building a transition sub-scale, a mule was built to test flight control software.


USAF Contract imminent!

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Currently raising capital

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Total raised to date:$4,200,000
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