Enabling an Autonomous Revenue Engine

About BigLittle.AI

BigLittle AI empowers businesses to achieve their optimal revenue potential by continuously eliminating these leaks and streamlining the revenue engine into an autonomous, self-optimizing entity. By seamlessly integrating with existing tech stack, the intelligent system leverages GTM sensors and revenue process mapping to learn and optimize the revenue generation process, driving improvements in ARR, revenue predictability, and customer lifetime value.


Problem statement

The traditional revenue generation processes that underpin every industry are riddled with inefficiencies that leak billions of dollars of revenue each year. These, often unseen leaks, hindering businesses from reaching their full revenue potential, manifest as stagnations, delays, misaligned prioritizations, data discrepancies, and process non-compliance, among others. They permeate the revenue engine, from marketing and sales to customer success, despite the proliferation of dashboards and BI tools.

While this is a systemic problem, finding all the leaks isn't humanly possible! This is because of siloed systems and functions, volumes of data in each. Revenue operations teams are painstaking tasked with manually combing through charts, spreadsheets. Repeating this inefficient process every day.

Traction information

1. We are generating revenue! Target of $200K in this year.
2. Recognized as an Emerging Tech Vendor by GTM Partners.
3. We've done so with a very low burn rate so far! Less than $70K per month
4. A stable product launched providing value to customers.
5. Selected into the Capital Factory Fund.

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