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Bluegrass Vascular Technologies, Inc., is a commercial stage medical device company. Placement of central venous catheters is the most frequently performed hospital procedure, with over 6M catheters placed each year. When catheters reside in the body, they irritate the veins, leading to permanent obstructions, our target application. Up to 213,000 patients/year suffer from at least one symptomatic obstruction of their central veins. Our flagship product, the Surfacer System, provides a safe and effective device to repeatably access the right central vein. It is approved in Europe, US and Canada, de-risking the technology significantly. Over 70 European accounts have used product, with a 99% commercial success rate. In the US, nearly 100 doctors are already trained, with lots of inbound requests. With the company’s lean/efficient model, we’ve been able to accomplish this with less than $20M dollars and are poised for a highly profitable expansion into the US and rest of the world.

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Each year over 6M patients require a central venous catheter (CVC) for a wide variety of therapies – it is one of the top procedures performed in the hospital. Up to 52% of patients who receive a CVC will experience some degree of thrombosis, with a significant portion of these patients going on to develop a symptomatic venous occlusion. Based on the above, there are ~133,333 patients/each year with symptomatic occlusions in the US and Europe, making this a 3.4 Billion addressable market.

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BVT has an outstanding team of seasoned industry professionals, with significant experience and success taking medical device start-ups from inception to third party sale. CEO Gabriele Niederauer has been with BVT for over six years and has spent >30 years in product development and commercialization of 3 separate medical device companies with all three of companies being acquired (ENTrigue Surgical –>ArthroCare, C2M Medical –> Tornier, OsteoBiologics –> Smith & Nephew) with positive returns.
BVT has engaged a world-wide distributor, Merit Medical. In Europe, Merit Medical has ~25 Sales Representatives that cover the main continent of Europe with additional resources/distributors covering remote regions. In the US, Merit Medical currently has ~30 Sales Representatives that cover the United States., with a Surfacer Marketing, Sales and Training team managing the limited US launch. Nine peer-reviewed publications support the safe and effective performance of the Surfacer System.
No other FDA approved and CE marked devices are available for chronically occluded central venous access. Other approaches, such as “Sharp Recanalization” using off-label components and only done by select surgeons, have a low success rate (0-67% ), take long surgical time (up to 3 hours ), require extremely skilled interventional radiologists and costs over $2,000 more than use of the Surfacer System.


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Total raised to date:$7,600,000
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