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Smile Direct Club for Fertility
Founded 2019-09-22 Miami, FL

Problem statement

The biggest problem the fertility industry is facing is that while demand for treatment continues to grow at more than 7% CAGR, supply of treating reproductive endocrinologists remains stagnant at 1,100 doctors.

If we don't change the current treatment model, this will further drive prices up and increase patient wait times to get treatment.

About company

To fix the problem you can either train more doctors, or reduce specialist time per IVF cycle. We reduce specialist time per cycle by medically and financially qualifying patients online, before referring into a fertility specialist.

For patients, we provide in-home fertility testing and telehealth consultations, for a faster, easier, more affordable way to get a treatment plan.

Traction information

  • $300,000 Merck sponsorship and discounted medication rates
  • Fertility price platform and testing products beta launched
  • 108 patients into testing and 44 IVF cycles completed
  • Generated $572,000 in cycle revenue with $51,000 in revenue to IVF Options
  • Female & minority owned, with reproductive endocrinologist as an owner

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