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Introducing KLOUT KAST, a pioneering social media platform designed to bridge the gap between influential figures and diverse brands. Our platform serves as a dynamic marketplace, connecting a wide array of talents—from models, athletes, actors, musicians, TV personalities, magicians, internet influencers, comedians, chefs, and more—with brands and companies of all sizes.

What sets KLOUT KAST apart is its integration of a reliable booking system and a trusted payment platform. This innovative approach streamlines the process of connecting, negotiating, and transacting between talents and brands. Our mission is to simplify and enhance the talent booking process, fostering beneficial collaborations that drive growth, brand awareness, and success for all parties involved.

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Problem statement

Klout Kast addresses the fragmentation and inefficiencies in the current talent booking and edutainment market by offering a centralized, and soon AI-driven, platform that connects talents directly with audiences seeking personalized educational and entertainment experiences. Our solution will soon leverage cutting-edge technology, including AI for personalized recommendations and blockchain for secure transactions, to streamline the discovery, booking, and engagement processes. This not only enhances the user experience by providing tailored content and interactive opportunities but also empowers talents with tools to expand their reach and monetize their skills effectively. By solving these core issues, Klout Kast is positioned to capture significant market share in the rapidly growing digital talent engagement space, offering a compelling investment opportunity with the potential for substantial growth and returns.

Traction information

We originally started developing in-person experiences in early 2020, but due to C19, we pivoted to virtual experiences. We have that MVP complete and working back to our original goal of in-person experiences. We have trademarked our logo in several countries and recently became approved by Google, MS, and AWS, among others, for startups, offering us over 450k+ in software credits.


January 2024

Startup programs

Google for Startups: $200K credits Microsoft for Startups: $25K with path to $150K credits AWS for Startups: $5K with path to $100K credits Stripe for Startups: $25K (this is big, as we use them for payment processing) credits DataDog: $100K credits Segment: $50K credits (we are big on analytics) And others, we are planning to leverage all of this in the next two years

December 2023

MVP Complete

The virtual experiences MVP is complete on the website


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Not raising capital right now

Total raised to date:$250,000
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