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Maxwell has a "one drug for many bugs" deep learning-guided drug discovery platform technology which produces small molecules that can accurately mimic endogenous human peptides. The first human peptide being mimicked is LL-37 or "human cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide." LL-37 is used by the human innate immune system and all white blood cells to attack all known pathogens. Accurately and safely mimicking LL-37 could result in a super drug able to address many unmet medical needs, as well as current and future pandemics. The first biomimetic small molecule - MXB-22,510 - is on it's way to the FDA for human trials for a polymicrobial infection of sinus, called Chronic Rhinosinusitis, in Q1 2024. Dr Edward Rudnic, PhD, is a registered pharmacist - is the former US Head of R&D for Shire Pharmaceuticals, recently acquired by Takeda for $65 billion - and has successfully taken over 80 molecules through the FDA and into commercialization. Examples are Adderall XR, Carbatrol, Claritin, and other multi-billion dollar blockbusters.

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Many viruses, bacteria and fungi are currently impossible to treat, especially when many of the bugs infect a patient all at once (called a polymicrobial infection). These pathogens drive some of the largest unmet medical needs like asthma, cystic fibrosis, post viral syndromes like Epstein Barr, Long COVID, fungal brain infections, dementias, deadly hospital acquired fungal and bacterial illness, and chronic sinus infections which are suffered by 12% of the population. Maxwell has selected a nasal spray application of MXB-22,510 to target chronic sinus infections are the first application of the biomimetic technology and has received highly encouraging written feedback from the FDA.

Traction information

- The R&D program is backed by over $40M in government grants, awarded mostly to independent investigators at Stanford, NYU, Japanese CDC, Texas A&M, University of Texas, Baylor College of Medicine and others
- Backed by over $14M in venture stage investment from VCs & family offices
- Encouraging Pre-Investigational New Drug (Pre-IND) written response from FDA
- The FDA's Qualified Infectious Disease Program awards FDA Fast Track and an extra 5 years to the standard 7 year exclusivity period, for a total 12 year legal commercialization monopoly
- MXB-22,510: Selected as lead drug candidate due to its outstanding safety data, and broad spectrum efficacy against all tested bacteria (60+), all tested fungi (Candida auris, Candida albicans, mucor, and many others) and ability to destroy biofilms and bacterial persister cells (world first)
- MXB-22,510: Highly encouraging animal study data in three different animals: effective and non-toxic
- MXB-22,510: Highly encouraging human lung tissue data: effective and non-toxic
- MXB-22,510: Tested against all pathogens associated with chronic sinusitis and shows broad spectrum efficacy against all of them
- MXB-22,510: Does not create drug resistance as tested in bacteria after 30 passages, Pseudomonas aeruginosa (as tested by Prof Gill Diamond, University of Louisville School of Dentistry)
- MXB-22,510: Highly effective in immunocompromised mouse model of deadly fungal sinus infection (as tested by Dr David Corry at Baylor College of Medicine)

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