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3-Statement Financial Modeling Automation Powered by USPTO-Patented Machine Learning Algorithms

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RMI Insights is an innovative USPTO-Patented comprehensive financial modeling automation platform for accounting firms, small businesses, financial institutions and governments that empowers users to, in a matter of minutes, build their own three statement financial models through visually driven operational-level drivers and subsequently easily perform scenario planning, budgeting, financial planning & analysis, KPI & Stakeholder analysis, financial health monitoring, benchmarking, valuation analysis and custom, bespoke reporting so that Management, Board Members and other Stakeholders can drive their businesses forward with up-to-date knowledge and expediency. Our all-in-one platform requires minimal implementation and a more intuitive, modern interface allowing leaders to build financial models in minutes, not weeks and generate financial reports in minutes, not hours.

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Financial modeling is a tedious, manually-intensive process done in Microsoft Excel that is mired with data entry and formula errors. Our technology automates the building of 3-statement financial models thereby eliminating data entry and formula errors while simultaneously speeding-up the process from a typical 60 hours in Excel to just a few minutes thanks to our patented machine learning algorithms and cloud-native technologies.

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- Completed 3 Accelerators including RevTech Labs FinTech Accelerator last year
- Issued patent by USPTO last year
- Adding $2k MRR in revenue every month since commercial launch in Q4'22
- Have signed term sheet for a lead investor for our current financing round which we expect to close in 2 - 3 months


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Not raising capital right now

Total raised to date:$320,000