Algo Dulce

Our flan is a proper representation of one of Latino culture most beloved desserts. We make it from scratch using all real ingredients, so when our flanatics take that first bite, it brings them back to their childhood.

About Algo Dulce

Reintroduce the flan to the market. A flan that is all-natural, baked, and that properly represents our Latino culture and traditions.

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Problem statement

People agree that the flan you buy at the store is BAD – it’s not real flan. It’s gelatinous. All companies currently selling at the grocery are cutting corners and using low-quality ingredients. It gives a bad representation of one of the Latino culture's most beloved desserts.

Traction information

Marketplaces: Royal Blue, Consuelo, Tiny G, Tejas Birria, Valentinas
Launching at Whole Foods in July all of Austin 7 stores
Entered HEB's quest for the Texas Best


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