Sustainable towels made out of hemp.

About Anact

Anact is a sustainable CPG brand that is solving our customers' problems of mildewy towels by providing a hemp towel that naturally resists the growth of bacteria to a $25B TAM. But that’s just the beginning. We’re building what we would like to describe if Patagonia and Tesla had a baby type of brand that is more than just CPG.

Our vision is to reintroduce hemp textile manufacturing back into the United States to create circular and closed looped vertical textile infrastructure to sell to a $1T market. Picture being able to go to farms and see hemp that is being grown by farmers and then processed in a factory next to Tesla and distributed to local markets. That’s what we’re creating and what we were recently interviewed for in Texas Monthly. This is imperative that we build because China produces more than half of global textiles.

Anact currently sells DTC and wholesale. We have sold $600K+ since the inception of the business in April 2020. We currently have enough inventory on hand to hit the $1M sales milestone. We are growing on our Shopify channel (we rank #1 on Google for hemp towels), Amazon (we’re Amazon’s Choice), and wholesale (boutique hotels, spas, gyms, yoga studios, and specialty retail). We are launching on and Wayfair this month. We are currently fundraising to secure capital to make several strategic key hires to the $1M sales milestone. The strategic hires that we want to make is a PR firm that represents TOMs shoes, Yeezy, Stance Socks, and Futurestitch, a company that recently launched a domestic manufacturing plant for textiles in Dallas, TX.

In 2024-2025, we’d like to open a physical space that has a juice bar that we can work from and use as a storefront + event space + co-working space to better connect and share the pulse of the brand here in Austin, TX. Anact was founded in 2018 by Brianna Kilcullen, a veteran of the apparel industry who ran supply chain and sustainability programs at Under Armour, prAna, and Columbia Sportswear.

Anact was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2019 and launched online during the height of the pandemic in 2020 out of Jacksonville, Florida. Anact towels are currently sold throughout the United States and more than 10+ countries around the world.

Anact’s values are based on the idea that simple acts make a positive impact on the world around you. Anact's acts are to disrupt the textile industry through education while also pushing to innovate and automate the hemp textile supply chain in the markets they serve.

Anact believes in closing the loop of the supply chain by creating products that are made to last and can be repurposed once their original use is complete. Anact wants to disrupt the textile industry in every facet of what they do by not only creating a beautiful and useful product that gives back to the farmers, garment workers, and customers but is also sustainable without any sacrifice. Each product comes with an impact score that is provided by Greenstory.

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Did you know that less than 1% of textiles are manufactured in the United States? This creates a supply chain risk as well as harmful impact on the climate.

Anact is a sustainable home goods CPG brand creating American supply chain infrastructure using on demand manufacturing to solve that problem.

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* Anact ranks organically #1 on Google for 'hemp towels’ and has become a product category leader. 
* Anact recently launched on Wayfair, Food52,, Target, REI, and will launch on Grove Collaborative by Q4 2023.
* Anact has grown 200%+ from 2021 to 2022 due to Amazon and key wholesale accounts in the speciality retail space. 
* Anact has partnered with natural dyers to create plant based color ways for a special collaboration with a top fashion designer. 
* Anact continues to host community jogs with partners like Juiceland and be a thought leader and visionary speaking at SXSW, Harvard University, and more. 
* Anact was recently featured in a magazine for the #1 fastest growing sport, pickleball, alongside Outerknown, Allbirds, Adidas, Outdoor Voices, and Everlane. 
* Anact just signed a partnership with one of the largest home goods suppliers in the world to open doors into big box retailers such as Macy’s, West Elm, and William and Sonoma starting in Q1 2024.
* Anact in the final stage of negotiations with the Patagonia, Jacksonville Jaguars, Willie Nelson, National Geographic Society, Today Show, and more.
* Anact received an opportunity to partner with one of the top PR agencies run by Leah Jacobson. She does PR for the founder of Stance, Yeezy, TOMS, Lucky Brand and several other like minded brands. 

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December 2022

$500K Sales Milestone

Anact hits $500K sales milestone.

May 2021

Anact Raises Pre-Seed Round

Anact secure $300K in a pre-seed round.

April 2021

Anact Featured on Good Morning America

ABC reaches out to Anact and asks for Anact to be featured on Good Morning America.

You can watch the feature here:

December 2020

$100K sales milestone

Passed the $100K sales milestone after launching in the height of COVID and only selling for < 6 months of 2020.

October 2020

Anact Featured in Oprah Magazine, Drew Barrymore, and more

Anact partners with local non-profit, SurfearNegra and NY time photographer, Malcolm Jackson, to bring to life a limited edition Anact tote bag to raise awareness for the BLM movement. This tote bag includes a photo of GiGi Lucas, the founder of SurfearNegra, on American Beach, which was one of the only beaches in the South that African Americans could swim at during the Jim Crow era. On the back of the tote is a special poem written by GiGi.

The goal of the tote bag was to break stigmas and stereotypes that prevent people of color from being connected to the water. Anact was able to send 10 young girls of color to learn how to surf and was featured in Oprah Magazine, Drew Barrymore, and more.

September 2019

Successfully funded on Kickstarter


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Currently raising capital

Total raised to date:$400,000

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