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To truly meet global software demand, we need a new development paradigm that reduces the learning curve, puts the power in the hands of those closest to the problem, enables faster iteration, and does all of this without adding restrictions on what 'can' be built.

In short, we need Visual Development.

Bildr offers a visual layer on top of the web, enabling visual developers to create complete SaaS products, internal tools, web-apps, and Chrome extensions faster and better than ever before.

Our unique approach comes from 15 years of using our tools internally to build bespoke solutions for hundreds of clients. Instead of hard coding, every piece of software we created was built by our team of designers and solution architects, none of whom knew how to code. When they needed something the platform couldn't provide, we would have our team of coders extend where necessary so that the problem could then be solved without code. Over the years, we made our tools so powerful and extensible that we never had to say "no" to a request.

In May of last year, we transferred the IP of these tools into a new company,

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Problem statement

The global need for new apps now exceeds 100,000,000 annually with only ~25 million total coders worldwide. This disparity has continued to grow in spite of rising salaries and a focus on training new software engineers, with 2020 creating an acceleration no one saw coming.

These apps span all industries in all nations. From mom & pop retailers to the Fortune 500, no one has figured out how to keep up.

Traditional coding is too inefficient to meet the need, and "no-code" tools are too constraining to make a dent.

Three big problems inherent to software development are the root of the issue:
1. Becoming a proficient coder takes years, and the landscape shifts while you learn
2. The people creating solutions are too far away from the problem, creating inefficiency
3. Changes & experimentation while building are too costly and require inter-department participation (design, dev, etc.)

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