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Bulzī is bringing to market the first-of-its-kind, clinically proven and regulatory approved smartwatch for early detection of heart disease. Through patented innovations in vital sign sensor technology, this device leapfrogged the $44B smartwatch industry and has opened the door to eradicating the leading cause of premature deaths.

This is a new chapter in healthcare, and Bulzī is leading the fight.

We are focused on integrating this revolutionary IoT technology into the Department of Defense (DoD) market through channel partners and using our proprietary DoD-approved edge-to-cloud IoT software stack to secure a long-term sustainable advantage.

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The Department of Defense (DoD) needs to improve the quality and lower the cost of care for its active-duty members, veterans and their families.

Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer of the 10 million DoD members and costs agencies over 25% of their annual $250 billion health budget to treat. Most heart diseases are fully treatable if detected early, but late-stage treatments are costly and, in many cases, too late to save the person from a premature death.

Active-duty DoD members also have specialized needs for monitoring mission readiness, detecting injuries in real-time, and tracking vitals of injured personnel to maximize survival rates.

Bulzī's novel vital signs monitoring (VSM) technology has the ability to solve all of these problems, for the first time in history. It is based on patented VSM sensors that have achieved first-ever regulatory approvals for use as a Class-II medical device. It applies AI to detect 27 irregular heart conditions ("arrythmias") in early stages (before they become "chronic") and monitors the doctor's treatment program daily for efficacy.

Our disease detection technology uses AI analytics running on the wearable's precise VSM signals to achieve what has never before been possible. This is the future of healthcare, and Bulzī is leading the charge.

Traction information

Bulzī developed the IoT cloud software and AI training technology platform using $2M in non-dilutive "SBIR" funding sponsored by the Air Force and Army. It is now DoD-certified and can be used directly by any Federal agency without managing a multi-year competitive bidding process.

Bulzī secured an exclusive agreement with the first-in-class VSM technology developer to integrate it into our technology solution for the DoD market.

Bulzī was recently competitively selected for four medical technology solicitations from Army, Air Force, and Navy.

Bulzī recently secured channel partnership agreements with three large defense contractors, including the largest in the medical technology segment.

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June 2024

Bulzi Partners with Top DHA Defense Contractor on $1.3M R&D Proposal

Bulzi partnered with a tier-one defense contractor (under NDA) on the $1.3M R&D Defense Health Agency (DHA) DHA244-D003 solicitation to deliver an advanced IT solution for improved combat casualty care.

Our proposed solution includes Bulzi’s first-in-class medical-grade wearable technology for continuous real-time monitoring of key vitals of injured personnel. Our wrist-worn device replaces a full suite of medical equipment used in a typical ICU. Since most of this equipment is impractical for use in forward-deployed environments, Bulzi’s technology will enable medics to access hospital-grade equipment in the field for the first time.

Our defense contractor partner will contribute DHA systems integration expertise and telemedicine technology to support military medics at the point of care. This partnership is intended to support DHA’s strategic objective to “care for our joint force and those we are privileged to serve… Anytime, Anywhere - Always.”

June 2024

Bulzi Partners with Samsung Electronics America on $1.8M Air Force Proposal

Bulzi and Samsung Electonics America submitted a joint proposal to the US Air Force’s $1.8M solicitation AF242-D002 to leverage Samsung’s Tactical Edition (TE) smartphone sensors for enhanced situational awareness on the battlefield.

The Samsung TE devices have become the DeFacto standard for smartphone use in combat environments. Bulzi has a long history leveraging smartphone and IoT technologies for situational awareness and for protecting military personnel from threats and injuries.

This partnership represents two best-in-class technology provides to drive next-generation battlefield intelligence.

April 2024

Bulzi Selected to present to Navy SMEs for Performance Wearables Demonstration

Bulzi was one of a dozen companies worldwide selected to present to the Navy’s top Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for the Performance Wearables Demonstration Day. This team was focused exclusively on industry’s leading technology to support Special Operations training operations.

October 2023

Bulzi Selected to Participate in JSOC Joint Innovation Medical Symposium (JIMS)

Bulzi Selected to Participate in JSOC Joint Innovation Medical Symposium (JIMS).

Bulzi Inc, a dual-use defense contractor that specializes in IoT technologies, announced today its selection by the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) to participate in the 2023 Joint Innovation Medical Symposium (JIMS) 7-9 Nov 2023 at Fort Liberty, NC.

The goal of the JIMS is to create partnerships between Special Operations Forces (SOF) and industry to accelerate SOF’s technical advantage in the medical arena. Bulzi will present its teaming partnership for integrating the industry’s first medical-grade non-invasive wearable vital signs monitoring technology into various U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) agency’s medical enterprise systems.

October 2023

Bulzi Announces $2.4B Teaming Contract

Teaming contract executed with DecisiveInstincts on $2.4B IDIQ Defense Health Agency contract to DHA to support transitioning its military health care systems into a more patient-centric and technology-integrated solution by delivering cutting-edge technologies, products, and services that connect its members at the point-of-need Anytime, Anywhere - Always.

September 2023

Bulzi Announces Distribution Agreement with CardiacSense for its Medical-Grade Watch

Bulzi Announces Distribution Agreement with CardiacSense for its Medical-Grade Watch

The partnership will accelerate adoption of the leading vital signs monitoring wearable technology by the U.S. Department of Defense.

January 2023

Bulzi Selected to Build ML Technology for Army’s Installation of the Future

The U.S. Army selected Bulzi to develop of a multi-modal sensor system with machine learning. Sensor technologies include Radio Frequency, Electro-Optical, and Acoustic. This project builds on previous DoD Installation of the Future awards and products.

November 2022

Bulzi Develops BioScout for Emergency Response Pilot

Bulzi finishes development of new BioScout mobile application for inclusion in a multi-agency pilot during 1Q-23. The BioScout app collaborates with Emergency Response agencies to locate people in need of assistance in an emergency, and tracks the location and real-time health condition of Responders using Vital Signs Monitoring (VSM) wearables.

September 2022

Bulzi Leads Five-Member Team on $8M Navy Solicitation

Bulzi partners with four leading technology firms on $8M R&D solicitation to develop a new Active Smart Textile (AST) solution for the Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC). Technology subcontractors include Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) for audio technology, GeoCam for imaging technology, and KYMIRA for AST integration. Bulzi will supply Radio Frequency (RF) technology and program management.

June 2022

Bulzi Partners with CardiacSense on $1.25M USAF Proposal

Bulzi reaches an agreement with CardiacSense to collaborate on the United States Air Force AF222-D011 solicitation to develop a wearable Vital Signs Monitoring (VSM) solution combat environments. CardiacSense has developed the industry’s first medical-grade VSM technology. The $1.25M R&D project will advance Bulzī’s current VSM capabilities for civilian and emergency response markets.

December 2021

Bulzi Demonstrates Novel Express Lane Solution at Ft. Belvoir

Bulzi demonstrated its Express Lane technology for Army bases in an invitation-only private demonstration at Ft. Belvoir. Its novel solution integrated Radio-Frequency (RF) and Electro-Optical (EO) technologies to identify occupants in moving vehicles, and was the only solution that met the baseline requirements. The other five participants used Facial Recognition which has significant limitations in this application.

September 2021

Bulzi Successfully Completes LOCALiz Adaptation

Bulzi successfully completes adaptation of its LOCALiz® data management platform under contract by the United States Air Force (USAF). LOCALiz® organizes data from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and wide-area geospatial data to provide situational awareness for Base Security and other applications which need to locate people and things in areas of interest.

June 2021

Bulzi Selected by US Army for Express Lane RFI

Bulzi was one of six firms invited by the United States Army to participate in the Automated Installation Entry (AIE) Express Lane RFI. The next phase of the AIE program is designed to allow trusted and authenticated individuals to access US Army bases through an Express Lane without compromising security.

July 2020

Bulzi and Draganfly (NASDAQ: DPRO) Enter UAV Distribution Agreement

Draganfly Inc. (NASDAQ: DPRO) and Bulzi enter into distribution agreement for the use of Draganfly Drones and Aerial Sensors in DoD Base Security applications.

July 2020

Bulzi Awarded $1.5M U.S. Air Force Contract for “Base of the Future” Technologies

Bulzi awarded a $1.5 million Phase-II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract by the United States Air Force (USAF) through the AFWERX innovation program. This award builds upon previous Phase-I SBIR awards and will allow Bulzi to adapt its existing commercial technologies to enhance Department of Defense (DoD) base security.

June 2020

US Air Force Selects Bulzi for Nationwide COVID Mitigation Solution

The United States Air Force (USAF) selected Bulzi for a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award for the development of an Exposure Notification System (ENS) that would help combat the spread of COVID-19. The USAF selected Bulzi from over 1,200 proposals through its AFWERX innovation program as a part of the 20.R cycle which was focused on identifying a broad range of potential COVID solutions.

March 2020

Bulzi Awarded DOD Contract for IoT Technology Adaptation

Bulzi awarded a Phase-I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract by the United States Air Force (USAF) through the AFWERX innovation program. This award allows Bulzi to engage with key customers and end users in the Department of Defense (DoD) community to refine its zBeacon® Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technologies to meet their mission needs.


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