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CAVU Biotherapies has nimble patented immunotherapy platform that can create cellular immunotherapies to treat cancer, autoimmune diseases, and allergies. Cancer is our first indication with our Autologous Prescription Product already out in the market place. CAVU intends to have an immunotherapy for atopic dermatitis in clinical trial in 18 months. CAVU also has a potential prognostic/diagnostic test with our IHAV. The IHAV is in beta testing currently with a large amount of data amassed. Our final product is SafeDePawsit, a cryobanking service to save back your pet's healthy immune system BEFORE disease strikes!

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There are 95MM dogs in the US and all are susceptible to various diseases without treatments that effectively solve the problem. 15MM dogs are at risk of developing cancer at this very minute. The 6MM diagnosed yearly with cancer will be treated with antiquated protocols. The number one veterinarian complaint is an itching dog and $700MM was spent by consumers last year trying to help our furry family members with this problem.

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CAVU has USDA authorization and all 50 states veterinary board approvals to commercialize the Autologous Prescription Product. To obtain full licensure with marketing approval, CAVU must complete a clinical trial for one indication while still continuing to commercialize.
VCA and Blue Pearl, two of the largest chains of veterinary clinics in the U.S. and part of Mars Veterinary Health, have entered into Master Service Agreements to host CAVU’s pending clinical trial required by the USDA. Following the successful launch of the clinical trial, CAVU will seek to develop a significant commercial relationship with Mars Veterinary Health which owns the largest number of veterinary clinics in the U.S.
CAVU had a soft launch of its products in late 2018 and generated approximately $0.2 MM in revenues in 2019. Revenues declined to less than $0.1 MM in 2020 as the Covid crises forced the Company to suspend customer-focused operations due to supply chain and other problems. The Company resumed treating dogs in early 2021, however sales have been limited due to a lack of funding for sales & marketing and other activities. Revenues for the first half of 2021 were approximately $0.1 MM.

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