CBio combines novel separation science, portable microcopy, machine learning, and IoT cloud connectivity to bring unparalleled analytics to groups studying cell and microbial behavior for decision making.

About CBio

cellPhoresis®, enables non-destructive and rapid high resolution nanoscale bioAnalysis. cellPhoresis® in action: Field Based Infrastructure Management for Microbial Induced Corrosion, Non-Destructive Assessment of Vaccine Viability, Quality Testing of Microbial Ingredients for Food and Beverage (Yeast, Bacteria) to Predict Spoilage and Prevent Waste.

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Problem statement

Existing tools to analyze microbes is costly, slow, and kills the microbes during the test. cBio bring a non-destructive, cost efficiency, and sensitive testing machine to the market.

Traction information

Patented technology. 30 peer-reviewed publication. Performed 1 pilot with a CleanTech company, FREDSense®. Pilot setup with Merck that will begin in Q1 of 2020. Letter of Support from Thermo Fisher Scientific citing the value of our product.


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