Financial planning and analysis platform for tech SMEs working with multiple data sources.


Cofi has built a powerful next generation financial planning and analysis tool that enables lean finance teams to eliminate archaic and time-consuming manual reporting and modeling efforts by seamlessly connecting data-sources and offering a state-of-the art analytics, modeling, and reporting engine. CoFi offers one of the most flexible and easy-to-use options in the market, at competitive prices.

CoFi has also gained impressive GTM traction after just 3 quarters in the US market by signing up 10 clients and $70K in ARR, and have an exciting product roadmap looking to develop game-changing AI/ML functionality like an AI copilot, automatic error-correction, and automatic forecasting.

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Problem statement

Today, B2B SaaS finance teams are required to work with more data sources than ever before, tighter timelines, and in smaller teams - and Excel cannot keep up! Cofi offers the most flexible and cost-effective option to unlock productivity and creativity in Finance teams.

Traction information

- $82K ARR and 12 paying customers
- 10% SQL to Close Rate
- $2K CAC (outbound sales via email marketing and LinkedIn; Fractional CFO partners)
- $300K grant for natural language AI modeling with the prestigious LaSalle University

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July 2022

30 company consolidation with 20+ different currencies for a payment unicorn company

A global payment company manages 30 subsidiaries, each dealing in different currencies.

Challenge: Consolidating and standardizing financial data from 20+ currencies and various subsidiaries is complex.

Solution with Cofi:

Multi-Currency Handling: Cofi consolidates financials from different currencies into a unified format. Data Standardization: Ensures consistent financial reporting across all subsidiaries. Real-Time Insights: An immediate, consolidated financial overview of the entire operation is offered. Scalability: Adapts to the growth and changes in each subsidiary’s financial processes. Strategic Decisions: Facilitates informed decision-making with clear financial insights.

Outcome: Cofi streamlines the company’s financial management, providing a comprehensive view for better strategic planning and a strong global financial stance.


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