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We help veterinarians diagnose embryo health to improve pregnancy outcomes of embryo transfer 20%. Better embryo health diagnostics can reduce the transfer of inviable embryos into recipients and save american cattle producers 1.8 billion annually.

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EmGenisys’ SaaS technology offers an objective and consistent analysis of embryo morphokinetic activity to standardize the evaluation of bovine embryos. This system simply involves the assessment of 30 second videos of embryos recorded by the veterinarian and can use these videos to predict embryo health and viability. With more data, veterinarians can choose NOT to transfer embryos with low developmental potential and improve pregnancy outcomes of embryo transfer 20%.

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By 2050, the global population is expected to reach 9.5 billion people causing a 76% increase in demand for animal derived foods, such as milk, meat and eggs. Reproductive advancements have been utilized in breeding programs to maximize production of superior animals. The impact of ARTs has been tremendous, as the USDA reports the United States is producing more beef from fewer head of cattle (USDA). Cattle producers and veterinarians attribute these advancements for making animal production more economically advantageous, but admit they are frustrated because pregnancy rates resulting from ARTs have remained 30-56% successful for over a decade causing over $1.8 billion in losses to cattle producers in the U.S.

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>1200 embryos tested in field trials
6 beta customers
1 provisional patent pending with intent to file PCT in August
Creative Destruction Lab - Ag Stream, Texas Tech Accelerator


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