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FieldVision is a dynamic field operations workflow application tailored for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the broadband and telecom industries. The innovative platform enhances operational efficiency by integrating essential business functions, such as onboarding profiles management, work order processing, data collection, invoicing, and transaction facilitation. By streamlining these critical operations seamlessly, FieldVision enables businesses to focus more on their core services and growth, making it a daily tool in the broadband and telecom field.

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In the broadband and telecom industries, there are over 54000 independent contractors, many of which are new LLCs with limited business knowledge. These businesses often struggle to comprehend their payment structures and processes. Moreover, they are burdened by an average of 5 disparate applications for managing operations, production, invoicing, payments, project management, communication, and scheduling. These disparate systems create inefficiencies, data silos, and increase the risk of errors. Additionally, these SMBs bear a high risk due to prolonged payment cycles that can extend up to 90 days. FieldVision addresses these critical challenges by providing a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that streamlines vital operational processes and includes a flexible transactional pricing model. This model aligns with the variable workloads and financial structures of SMBs, empowering them to manage their operations more effectively while minimizing financial risks.

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I've bootstrapped FieldVision, personally overseeing financial prudence and resource optimization. I designed and developed a distinctive prototype that precisely addresses the needs of SMBs in the broadband and telecom sectors. An upcoming V1 MVP marks the culmination of my efforts in the market. This launch will be tested against real-world scenarios, and it's an opportunity to learn, adapt, and fine-tune the offering based on direct user feedback. My most impressive point of traction lies in the seamless journey from idea to execution, despite the challenging circumstances. This journey provides a solid foundation for future scalability and business success.

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