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HD2Menus is a Visual Communication Platform the cuts cost and improves efficiency and boots profits by offering cost effective, turnkey solution for digital menus, directories and signage. for small & medium size businesses.

About HD2Menus.com LLC

Menu Displays with integrated software and mounting solution that allow the customer to create/design/update/schedule menus themself or find a designer/content creator using our online marketplace. Brands can rent AdSpace on Displays by subsidizing Hardware purchase and software
subscription credits.

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90% of restaurants don't have digital menus. Digital signage market worth $20B. Hassle & cost of printed/fabricated menus, directories & signage leads to profit lost due to incorrect pricing or info.

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200 Paid Users, Preferred Menu Vendor Ben E Keith Food Services, HCC Business Plan Competition Winner, Mass Challange Houston 2nd Round Shortlist.


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