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In Orbit Aerospace is a space third-party logistics (3PL) service provider supporting the Department of Defense for use cases such as precision delivery of cargo from Space to Earth, satellite servicing and refueling, and on-orbit warehouse automation.

We can get cargo from space to anywhere on Earth in under an hour. It is better protected in space than close to resupply lines and our docking technology paired with our warehouse automation technology means we can tailor make specific payload packages on demand.

We're a team of seven based in Los Angeles working on multiple government programs with signed on commercial customers and deep space industry experience. Please don't hesitate to reach out!

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Problem statement

Our warfighters can't get the supplies they need in time. And I cannot overstate the importance of that problem. With advanced warfare technologies including drones, our current logistics methods are increasingly at risk of interception and the problem is only going to get worse.

Traction information

Awarded a $1.8MM contract to develop our novel docking system from the Space Force with stakeholders at Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) and Space Systems Command Assured Access to Space (SSC/AAS).

In the contracting process for a $1.25MM grant to develop a precision delivery capability via weather balloon as a stepping stone to Space to Earth delivery. Stakeholders for this include US Special Operations Command, Air Force Special Operations Command, and AFRL

On a $75k contract with the Space Force to develop AI/ML algorithms for hypersonic fault detection.

On contract with the International Space Station (ISS) National Lab to send our patent-pending Resource Exchange Module to the ISS! This is for an early 2025 mission timeframe and we will demonstrate autonomous docking and resource transfer in the microgravity environment.

We have a $500k+ in committed revenue for future flights from top tier space manufacturing organizations

Our payload bay is full for our first mission. In fact, we received more demand than we had space from our customers.

We have a Space Act Agreement with NASA, where they are providing their expertise on the thermal protection system for our spacecraft. They will provide us with the first heat shield, and then transfer the manufacturing technology over to us so we can produce our own.

We've generated a $180MM soft pipeline for future flights and are actively transitioning those to formal agreements

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February 2024

Identified a Champion for a $1.25MM Grant for Precision Delivery of Cargo

Backstory: The DoD will give a result of ‘selectable/unfunded’ for SBIR proposals that they like but don’t have funding for. This means that you’re past the competitive selection process, but need to find a champion to fund the proposal yourself. It is notoriously difficult to get funding and most companies just resubmit the next solicitation period.

However, In Orbit has found a champion within USSOCOM to pick up our proposal and fund it. For this work, we will develop a precision cargo delivery capability via weather balloon while progressing our space to Earth delivery capability through prototyping and testing. The weather balloon capability is a natural stepping stone and can also lead to an early revenue generator for In Orbit.

January 2024

Awarded a $1.8MM Grant from the US Space Force!

In Orbit has been awarded a $1.8MM Grant to further develop their docking technology. This is in partnership with the University of Boulder at Colorado and sponsored by the Air Force Research Lab and Space Systems Command’s Assured Access to Space.

September 2023

Build prototype of the Resource Exchange Module

When we asked customers if they wanted to save money and get more revenue, they obviously said yes. We then asked if leaving their labs in space and just shipping their products would allow them to achieve that, they also said yes. We then asked if they had any idea how to do that, they said no, and we happily sought to solve that problem for them.

Our solution was the Resource Exchange Module (REX). This is a module robotic system that sorts and exchanges materials between itself and other space assets, such as stations, manufacturing equipment, or another REX. We prototyped and built the first version that operates in an autonomous mode to transfer a resource between itself and another REX. See the video here:

September 2023

Secure Customers for First Launch

For our first re-entry mission in 2024, In Orbit had a milestone to fill the payload bay. This re-entry mission featured a 20cm x 20cm x 10cm payload bay with a total mass capability of 10kg. We received more demand for this mission than we had room for!

The reservation agreement is signed and final contract is in progress.

August 2023

Receive a binding, milestone-based agreement for a paid future flight

To lock in our future pipeline and also provide a low-risk method for our customers to secure future flights, we developed a memoranda of understanding with terms committing to a future flight. These terms are binding and contingent on us performing a successful re-entry mission in advance of the terms becoming binding.

We received our first signed agreement of this form from a well established Space Pharmaceutical company. This agreement generates $20k per kilogram for no less than 24 kilograms of payload for a $480k value.

May 2023

Receive and complete a Government Contract

As a dual use company, it is important for us to submit and receive government proposals. After probably a dozen submissions, and numerous ‘selectable/unfunded’ results, we were selected and funded.

In partnership with University of Colorado at Boulder (CU Boulder), we received a $75k phase I STTR to perform a feasibility study on electro-adhesive docking. Under this study, CU Boulder would develop the physics and force model and In Orbit would perform on-orbit simulations of the docking procedure.

December 2022

Completed Prototype of Full Scale Retriever

To get a sense of the scale of our vehicle and confirm we could manufacture the capsule structure to mass specifications on a low-budget, we set out to produce a carbon-fiber prototype structure of our Haven Retriever re-entry vehicle. This vehicle is 1.2m in diameter, 1.3m tall, weighs just 15kg (but feels indestructible!), and is quite imposing.

August 2022

Reach $100MM in Letters of Intent

To gain initial traction in our specific service and validate the market, we set out to build relationships with customers and get letters of intent and support. With the letters of intent, we were able to capture what our customer base was willing to pay and how often they were looking to fly over the coming years.

In Orbit understands these letters are non-binding and don’t represent sales contract. These, along with letters of support and memoranda of understanding, served to capture the value our customers see in our service.


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