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Kaidu AI is a company that specializes in transforming occupancy sensing through the power of AI. Our traffic flow and behavior analysis platform helps businesses maximize growth by making informed decisions based on data-driven insights. We offer highly effective occupancy sensing technology for various industries, including retail, libraries, and modern offices. Our low-cost, plug-and-play smart sensors can easily transform your space and provide valuable insights into customer behavior, which can be used to make intelligent decisions. Kaidu's real-time spatial intelligence technology is a powerful tool that helps businesses optimize their operations and build customer loyalty through accurate, actionable insights. Our technology can be used to make forecasting decisions that help businesses stay ahead of the curve. With Kaidu AI, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to make informed decisions that drive success.

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Problem statement

Many businesses struggle to understand and optimize their physical spaces and customer experiences due to a lack of actionable insights. Traditional occupancy sensing technologies can be expensive and difficult to install, leaving businesses without the data they need to make informed decisions. Kaidu AI solves this problem by providing low-cost, plug-and-play smart sensors that use AI and real-time analytics to gather valuable data on customer behavior and space utilization. By providing businesses with accurate, actionable insights, Kaidu AI helps them make informed decisions that increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive growth.

Traction information

Kaidu AI has been gaining traction in the field, with a strong track record of successful pilots across Canada, the US, and the UK for both large and small brands. Our technology has been utilized by a diverse range of businesses, including popup retail, libraries, museums, and malls, such as Vinfast's car exhibits. We have also partnered with Pangaia to implement our technology at the Selfridges mall in London and showcased our products at the NRF retail show. Our real-time spatial intelligence technology has provided businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior and space utilization, helping them to optimize their operations and drive growth.

In addition to our successful pilots, Kaidu AI is generating revenue from both paid pilots and annual contracts. Our monthly SaaS revenue model has proven to be effective, providing businesses with access to our real-time spatial intelligence technology at an affordable cost. Our revenue streams allow us to continue developing our technology and expanding our partnerships, providing businesses with the insights they need to optimize their operations and drive growth.


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