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About Outpost

Outpost is the sustainable space company. We enable precision Earth Return of satellites and orbital payload missions.

Our high-efficiency and precise Earth Return capabilities radically reduce the cost and time of working in space, and unlocks an iterative, sustainable space economy for the future.

We believe that our future in space must be built with sustainability at its core, and that efficient, precise Earth Return is essential for the development of new industries in space, and the improvement of life on Earth.

Outpost. We bring you back.

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Problem statement

Our goal is to give our customers precision Earth return at a fraction of today’s cost.

Traction information

- We have booked over 70% of anticipated revenue for 2023 already with many more opportunities still being worked on.
- We are in development talks with a variety of commercial customers to build out a fully commercial set of missions and related requirements.
- Built an impressive team of talent from three (beginning of 2022) to eighteen.
- Our first satellite product has been built and undergone environmental testing ahead of a launch in June, 2023. This satellite is almost 100% vertically integrated at Outpost.

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