Companies tagged with Deep & Frontier Tech

Autonomous, scalable platform for restaurants to market and sell quality hot meals at many thousands of underserved locations.
Pop-up, diSplay, Put away: Ranked #1 Product Reveal at CES 2024 with 19 Million Views
Advancing Manufacturing to Advance Humanity
Diamond-Encased Faraday Cages for Ultimate EMP Defense and Thermal Efficiency
Breakthrough Composite 3D Printing
Building better drugs faster for the brain.
Pioneering 3D Visualization
Easy to Use, Impossible to Replicate
The only company in the world Evolving Data Analytics & Visualization to now delivering Highly Advanced Business Process Analytics & Visualization
Developing Supersonic UAVs to Advance Air Combat Training
In space, "can't teach an old dog a new trick" has a whole new meaning.
Optical Engineer and Analysis in the Cloud
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