Phyteau, Inc.

We're developing a new class of therapeutics for diabetes, obesity and weight-loss to help millions of people around the world live healthier, happier, longer lives.
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About Phyteau, Inc.

A safe and effective new class of incretin therapy that activates and amplifies the body’s own natural metabolic response. Incretins are hormones naturally released by the gut into the bloodstream after food consumption that modulate the insulin response and therefore blood glucose control as well as satiety and food intake.

Their GTM product is a nutraceutical developed in conjunction with their commercial partner which has an simplified regulatory path. Similarly, their second product is a nutritional shake/functional food containing their active compounds which is currently in R&D. They are also working on an FDA-regulated longer-lasting pharmaceutical version targeting diabetics.

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Problem statement

The number of people affected by metabolic conditions including diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver disease is in the billions globally and only continues to grow. The annual cost of diabetes and obesity alone is staggering $2T. Current therapeutics are ineffective at slowing the growth trajectory and often have serious side effects.

Traction information

Commercial partner (Microbiome Labs) for first product in the nutraceutical space established
Accepted to Plug and Play, RebelBio, and Growth Train acceleartors
“Top 500 Deeptech Startup Worldwide” - 2019 Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge
3 patents awarded + 5 pending - exclusive license from UCLA
Clinical Trial at UCLA in progress for labeling claims
Selected Relevant publications (1), (2), (3)


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