PreFix Inc.

Own your home, not its problems.

About PreFix Inc.

PreFix is a tech-enabled service that eliminates the hassles of home ownership, saves homeowners up to 50% off home maintenance costs, and creates a data-driven “operating system” for the home. A fully trained, dedicated Home Manager fixes most things for a low copayment. Seasonal preventive maintenance on all appliances and systems is included, which pays for the cost of the service on its own. For only the most complex repairs we use our vetted contractors at low, negotiated rates with no mark up. Other home-related products and services are now being distributed on the basis of this trusted homeowner relationship and proprietary home-related data.


Problem statement

Homeowners are are confronted with a broken process when any issues arise in their home: a short supply of contractors that frequently won't call back, service windows and waiting, no way to know if their getting the best price, and no knowledge of what ongoing preventive maintenance needs to be done (vs. what is just an "upsell" opportunity by commission-based contractors).


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