Renu Robotics

Autonomous Maintenance Operations for Solar Energy & Airfields
San Antonio

About Renu Robotics

Renu Robotics develops and manufactures autonomous mobile robots that maintain solar fields and energy infrastructure. The Generation 3 Renubot was designed to mow grass under solar panels on utility scale solar farms. The capabilities are expanding to airfield maintenance and military facilities. A data center called Mission Control monitors all robots in the fields, sets schedules to perform maintenance and collects data to provide reports to customers.


Problem statement

The solar industry is growing fast and the cost of maintaining these large facilities can be as much as 60% of the operational costs. Employees are hard to find and jobs are hazardous considering heat and high voltage levels. Renu has automated the process and reduced the cost to maintain these facilities providing up to 50% saving for customers while reporting on infrastructure repair needs.

Traction information

-Revenue in 2022, $3 million. Revenu in 2023, $4.5 million with $7 million total income
-Only solution of its kind being sold in the industry. 12 to 18 months ahead of competition
-18 patents filed, 1 issued
-60 employees
-High interest from customer and a great product market fit
-Raised $12.5 million to date
-$7 million in military grants


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