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We are solving the last 100 meter challenge in accessing data from the operational field for the growth of AI at the EDGE. As 5G connectivity to the cloud grows, there is still a gap in accessing data sources that are typically deployed where power and internet are not available. Existing wireless are not reliable causing unpredictable ROI for the wireless operator especially in high density deployments. We offer the first environmentally aware wireless system for reliable communication in unlicensed (free) spectrum with extended battery life. Our patented Multi-core Radio Processor technology can detect and attenuate environmental impairments (aggressors) to maximize capacity of the wireless network in any deployment scenario. Technology is backwards compatible to existing standards and agnostic to protocol. We believe our fundamental new class of wireless technology will become a necessity for all wireless in the future.


Problem statement

The 5G router market is growing exponentially across all commercial verticals to enable cloud connectivity and enable AI at the EDGE. This trend is similar to the growth of WiFi routers in homes couple of decades ago. There is a data bottleneck between these 5G routers and the operational field (warehouses, factory floors, construction sites, etc). Existing 5G routers can connect to only a handful of assets over wires. In order to extend 5G routers to access 100s and 1000s of data assets, a reliable wireless solution is needed that can meet 5-10 yrs of battery life. Commercial wireless like 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth do not meet the reliability and battery life requirements. We are solving this problem with our multi-core wireless. Our solution can scale performance and tracks the environment simply by adding more cores independent of the preferred wireless protocol. Customers no longer need to wait for the next standard to come out.

Traction information

Partnerships developing with multiple Fortune 500 companies across the eco-system: Global Systems Integrator, OEMs, semiconductor suppliers, Cloud service providers.

Strategic investment from Emerson to revamp their industrial wireless sensing products. Emerson Ventures is looking for a lead VC to invest in our current seed round.

Launched our evaluation kit (with our HW product inside) to demonstrate/visualize wireless performance in challenging environments with common-sense metrics. No other wireless offers this level of transparency in their evaluation metrics due to inherent reliability issues.

Four confirmed design wins with customers across four verticals: Logistics/Transportation, Remote monitoring of critical infrastructure, Wireless Battery Management Systems, Industrial Automation. Additionally we have 3 pilots planned in Construction/Mining, Warehousing (with a large household name retail company) and Agriculture/Water Monitoring.


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