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Waterloo Solutions addresses the significant challenge of global counterfeiting, an issue causing annual losses of approximately $1.8 trillion. Waterloo Solutions has developed Qrystal™, a groundbreaking anti-counterfeiting technology for microelectronics crucial in AI and defense systems.

Qrystal™ is unique: it embeds conductive graphite and gold within the interior of lab-grown single-crystal and polycrystal CVD diamond wafers. This surpasses traditional surface etching, enabling enhanced internal connectivity within the diamond structure.

Qrystal™ diamond dies integrate seamlessly into 3D stacked integrated circuit chiplets, offering advanced connectivity and efficient heat management. The core of its anti-counterfeiting capabilities lies in a one-time programmable, non-volatile memory (OTP NVM) eFuse module. This module embeds unalterable identifiers or cryptographic keys, forming a robust defense against counterfeit microelectronics.

Waterloo Solutions is dedicated to enhancing the security and integrity of essential technological components in various industries, addressing the critical risks of counterfeit defense microelectronics with potential hidden malware. With Qrystal™, Waterloo Solutions is at the forefront of protecting industry integrity against the growing tide of global counterfeiting.

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Waterloo Solutions addresses a critical issue: the widespread presence of counterfeit products in key industries. These fake products create significant risks in several sectors:

1. Microelectronics: The market is flooded with counterfeit GPUs and CPUs. This affects the AI industry by undermining trust in and reliability of essential technology.

2. Defense Industry: Fake microelectronic components and aviation spare parts pose a grave risk. They threaten the safety of military operations and national security by compromising essential defense systems.

3. Medical Devices: The presence of counterfeit surgically implanted devices is particularly alarming. These fakes endanger patient lives, compromising the safety and reliability of medical treatments.

4. Luxury Goods: The luxury market suffers from counterfeit watches and other high-end products. These fakes deceive consumers, leading to financial losses and damaging the reputations of established brands.

Our mission at Waterloo Solutions is to tackle these problems head-on, ensuring the safety, reliability, and integrity of products in these industries.

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Waterloo Solutions is revolutionizing product authentication with our proprietary Qrystal™ diamond asset tags and Qrystal™ diamond-based OTP NVM (one-time programmable, non-volatile memory) dies, marking a significant leap in ensuring product authenticity.

We've secured 13 patents, with 42 more pending, underscoring our innovative edge in the market. Our core patent (US 11,783,145) is a testament to our broad intellectual property coverage.

We're actively pursuing seven SBIR/STTR grants, demonstrating our commitment to research and development excellence.

We were admitted as a portfolio company of Capital Factory in December 2023. https://www.capitalfactory.com

We were admitted as a portfolio company of the Austin Technology Incubator in December 2023. https://ati.utexas.edu

Our exclusive partnership with Opsydia, a leader in laser technology, fortifies our capability to produce these advanced asset tags. https://opsydia.com

Our board of advisors, equipped with deep industry knowledge and expansive contacts, positions us advantageously for market penetration.

We've engaged in high-level discussions with industry giants such as Rolex, Omega, and Johnson & Johnson Medtech, indicating strong market interest.

With over 200 prototypes developed, our Qrystal™ MVPs showcase our technological prowess and market readiness. As we gear up to launch our MVP service offering, Waterloo Solutions stands at the cusp of transforming product authentication globally.

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December 2023

Waterloo Solutions Admitted into the Capital Factory and Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) Ecosystems

Waterloo Solutions is now a portfolio company of Capital Factory and the Austin Technology Incubator.

October 2023

EllansaLabs Inc. Rebranded and Relaunched as Waterloo Solutions

EllansaLabs Inc. d/b/a Waterloo Solutions completed its pivot from a JMaaS service company manufacturing jewelry on demand to a product authentication company leveraging its Qrystal technology as asset tags. The company relocated from Addison, Texas, to Austin, Texas, in October 2023.

April 2023

Board of Directors Authorizes Business Model Pivot

Between August 2020 and April 2023, EllansaLabs Inc. generated $1.3 million in jewelry manufacturing sales, well below management expectations.

The EllansaLabs management team proposed a significant business model pivot away from jewelry manufacturing and towards using its Qrystal NFT blockchain diamonds as product authentication asset tags.

The BoD approves the pivot and sets October 1st as the deadline for winding down jewelry manufacturing operations and relaunching the company as a product authentication company.

May 2022

Invention of Qrystal Asset Tags

JMaaS customers requested the ability to have unique jewelry pieces linked to the blockchain.

EllansaLabs Inc. invented a technology to meet those customers' demands. It utilizes a unique laser technology to create graphite QR codes within small lab-grown diamonds, with the QR codes "pointing" to NFT "digital twins" on any blockchain system.

This technology is called Qrystal, with the "QR" in the name coming from the QR codes created within the diamonds.

August 2020

EllansaLabs Inc. Formation

EllansaLabs Inc. was formed as a Delaware C corp. Its mission was to create a Jewelry Manufacturing as a Service (JMaaS) service offering for the jewelry industry.


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