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Work & Mother is a network of fully equipped, amenitized lactation suites and an affiliated app that helps moms navigate their dual roles of being a parent and member of the workforce. The Suites, a new commercial real estate amenity, satisfy employers legal obligations, while the App’s support resources guide moms from the prenatal period to breastfeeding stage and far beyond, as they simultaneously navigate new stages of their career and parenthood. The Suites are full service lactation facilities that are designed for and equipped with everything a mother needs to pump and work efficiently, safely, and discretely, including hospital-grade pumps, cleaning and sanitation supplies, lockers, refrigeration for milk storage, high-speed internet, private rooms with workstations, and more. The W&M App is the “What to Expect” of working motherhood, proactively serving customized content & support resources at exact times of need, to working moms at any stage, anywhere.

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Mothers are a large & integral part of the workforce. Yet, there are few resources in place to support them, even though most return to work within 10 weeks of giving birth. This creates unmet physical & nonphysical needs. The AAP recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, with continuation of breastfeeding for one year or longer. While most employers have a legal obligation to provide a space, other than a bathroom, for employees to pump breast milk during the work day, existing solution are failing, leading to low breastfeeding success rates, huge turnover rates and breastfeeding-related lawsuits. Moms need a safe, clean space, equipment, cleaning and sanitizing supplies, refrigeration, and support resources.

At the same time, commercial real estate is shifting to a real estate as a service (REaaS) model, with landlords competing on amenities and tenants demanding more services provided by the buildings. Thus, landlords need new amenities that not only satisfy the evolving workforce, but that also satisfy their ESG requirements.


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