ZipcodeXpress specializes in a total smart locker solution with various cutting edge, intelligent locker products and cloud-based software platform, also owning several patents targeting to evolve the traditional logistics system to much more efficient way

About ZipcodeXpress

Smart lockers for apartments, schools, office buildings, hospitals, college campus, HOA etc, to consolidate the receiving and delivering points for mail/package, grocery and food delivery.

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Problem statement

Traditional Logistics Challenges:
-Expensive: Especially during the last mile, $20-40 for overnight
delivery in the same city
- Slow: Overnight is considered fast
- Unsafe: Packages left at doorway, easy to steal

Local Receiving Complexities:
- Too many packages to handle everyday, with a high handling cost
- Inconvenient to pick up after office hours
- No immediate package arrival notification
- easy to lose

Traction information

40 apartments up and running, 14K+ users, 8200+ apartment units
200K+ package processed, product proved to be very reliable and easy to use and support
Package lockers are operated in 5 states and Canada.
$20k+ Recurring monthly revenue and increasing
refrigerated, food locker ready to market


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