Longhorn Startup Lab Spring 2023

The Longhorn Startup Lab is an intensive project-based course in the Spring semester that identifies student entrepreneurs who are building scalable technology companies and gets them real course credit for working on their startups while still in school. These students receive weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions with successful entrepreneurs and free coworking memberships at Capital Factory. The semester culminates in a Demo Day where the students present their companies to the Austin community. Learn more at longhornstartup.com



Bookwheel is a web platform designed to help students become lifelong readers using a simple three step process: incentivize, monitor, and grow. We give kids a reason to read through digital and real-world incentives, enable teachers to monitor th...


Have worked with 500 plus students and teachers.
Have an AI powered quiz generator through the use of OpenAI.

Clips AI, Inc.


Clips AI helps businesses automatically find the best clips from their long-form content (i.e., podcasts, speaking events, webinars, lectures, etc.)


We are currently in alpha testing with 1034 people on our waitlist and got our first paying customer on February 6, 2023, just two months after we launched.

Customer Feedback: https://www.loom.com/share/834fb23c326b41f3a748beabfad757a7

Product Demo: https://www.loom.com/share/17004835462b49fa9a9a767fda4c81fa

Cove Events Inc.


For each college, we consolidate all the public events made for students that are hosted by community members. Namely, parties, socials, free food events, and anything else a student might want to go to. Students want to go to events that their cl...


4000 UT Students on the app in the first 8 weeks after launch, $0 spent on marketing. Consistent 500-800 Daily Active Users on the app on weekdays, 1000+ on the weekends. Consistently populated event page.



We’re working on Edith which is the primary destination where people can stay on top of everything happening within their org. The key business insight is that teams are now de novo remote, and companies are adopting more software tools than ever....


- Working prototype + working on onboarding our first production customers!


AdvertisingConsumer Packaged Goods (CPG)Food & Beverage GoodsSocial Media AdvertisingSocial Media Marketing


FreeWater is the world's first free beverage company. Our aluminum bottles and paper cartons of natural spring water are always free because we place ads on the packaging that pay for everything, including a ten-cent per beverage donation to build...


FreeWater has over 1 million followers across our social media platforms, with over 100 million organic impressions over the past year alone. We're more than just a company--we're a movement to make saving lives as easy as saving money and drinking FreeWater!

Gazelle Ecosolutions

Agriculture & Food SupplyFood Safety & SustainabilityNatural Resources & Environment


We're building the embedded data layer for the carbon supply chain. Companies, traders, auditors, and others across the supply chain use our software to ingest, analyze, and report complex environmental data for carbon markets, compliance schemes,...


In the last 21 months Gazelle:

- Build one of the largest carbon credit portfolios in southern Africa (126,000 -> 1.5M mt/CO2e offset)

- Developed the first nature-based carbon projects in the Kalahari (Botswana)

- Engaged in two phases of R&D with Shell's Nature-based Solutions Business

- Inked a commercial partnership with Shell to drive commercial strategy/development for MRV software

- Partnered with leading project developers worldwide to beta test the Gazelle Hub pre-launch



Grackle is reshaping how investors can own physical assets, starting with physical art. Users can frictionlessly transfer ownership of the artpiece without insurance and logistics challenges by trading digital representations of the art piece on t...


We have onboarded 2 artists that are excited to sell their pieces on Grackle once we have finished development.

Maven Surgical

Medical DevicesArtificial IntelligenceRobotics & Drones


According to our surgeon interview, 83% of the surgeons reported that technical skill is a major challenge during robotic surgery and training. To solve the problem, we aim to create intelligent and reliable partners during robotic surgery for aug...


Spin-out from Human-Enabled Robotic Technology (HERo) Lab in Department of Mechanical Engineering at UT, PI: Dr. Ann Majewicz-Fey.
Texas Innovation Center Faculty Innovation Grants Awardee, 2022.
Texas Health Catalyst Phase 1 Awardee, 2022.



PicTag helps uses search, sort, and share their pictures more effectively. We allow users to add tags to photos which can be filtered and queried, and share pictures with those tags attached. Additionally, we use novel machine learning algorithms ...


As college students, we are in a massive hub with tens of thousands of potential users, many of whom have stated they would love an application like this. College kids take a lot of photos - in fact, on average, kids our age take around 6 selfies per day, so *a lot* is an understatement! If we can get an MVP on the App Store quickly, we believe that through word-of-mouth, on-the-ground advertising, and aggressive online advertising, we can gain quick popularity with the student base. Additionally, we are developing in Flutter, so our app is inherently cross platform and can be deployed to both iPhones and Androids.


Gaming & eSportsSports


A platform where sports fans can buy and sell shares of professional athletes using virtual currency. A much faster and more competitive way to engage with your favorite sports.

Unlike traditional fantasy sports or sports betting, Populus is co...


500+ users in open beta
1 million+ views on social media with zero marketing spend
Gone through 3 accelerators including Rice University Owlspark, UT Austin Momentum, and Capital Factory Longhorn Startup Lab
Released 2 key software updates and launched on the App Store and Play Store

Sprout Food Solutions


We are a SaaS, ML-based portal for restaurant owners to prevent food loss, which is food that is thrown away before it ever ‘leaves the kitchen’, primarily due to expiration of perishable ingredients. We integrate with the restaurant’s existing Po...


Ridesharing & CarsharingMobile ApplicationTransportation & Mobility


The Tuktuk app provides affordable and convenient transportation with high volume, structured carpooling in Austin.

Tuktuk has host carpool rides between “Hubs”, i.e. Austin hotspots. Given that a rider is inside a Hub, they can travel in a ca...


- Amassed a 300+ rider app waitlist for UT students in 3 months.

- Signed 16 LOIs with Student organizations ranging from 50-500 students

- Conducted 100+ paid rides on the app since Summer 2022, launching to the public Q2 2023

- Created fully functioning rider and driver beta apps (demo: www.youtube.com/shorts/wWOw6JquIzc)
- Completely bootstrapped and developed in-house

- Raised $12.5K in non-dilutive funding from UT competitions and grants
- Equity fully held by team

- Carried out extensive market research on UT Austin population:
- Completed 35 in-depth one-on-one rider interviews and 20 in-depth driver interviews
- 340 cumulative student online survey responses

Check us out here in UT's official newspaper!

Also check out our insta to see what we've been up to: https://www.instagram.com/drivetuktuk/

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