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Problem statement

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that hardware is hard. Well a big part of this is the difficulty of getting non off the shelf components manufactured. This is especially true for large size plastic components, and by large I mean ones that can be measured in feet as opposed to inches.

About company

At Accelerate3D we help companies building larger size machines get on-demand production of large size plastic parts, and we do this using local high speed 3D printing.

It’s not just that we print big. It’s not just that we print fast. And it’s not just that we are building our own machines and have solid IP. It’s that we are doing all of those things with a purely on-demand based model that makes us unique and is the reason we will own this space.

Right now is the perfect time for this to exist. Our patented 3D printer design is making large size printing faster and more cost effective than ever before. Industries are adopting 3D for both prototype work as well as production of final use parts at record rates. New materials are making 3D printed parts stronger and more capable while key patents expiring just in the last year are opening up new machines design options which previously weren't available

Traction information

We printed the entire frame of a nearly 5 foot tall autonomous cleaning robot in a quarter of the time and for a quarter of the cost compared to all other quoted options, and we did this with our now patented technology demonstrator prototype which was never intended to actually run print jobs for customers when it was built.

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