Animal Cloud Device Connectivity, Inc.

A smarter, more connected world for animals.
Fort Worth

About Animal Cloud Device Connectivity, Inc.

Animal Cloud is building advanced animal health software that gives access to automated real-time monitoring. Our technology lets animals have their own "medical insurance card" which will contain all the information about their medical history. Our platform also includes an API that allows bi-directional data exchange between our cloud servers and devices. This allows animal caretakers to measure and monitor animals' health as well as provide veterinarians with real-time or remote access to the animals they treat.


Problem statement

Animal health management problems include failed/mislabeled records, medical diagnoses, missing history, insufficient heredity, and inefficient/expensive medication management. Electronic health records provide the perfect solution to manage, monitor, and expand the treatment of 300 million animals. This technology will save millions in treatment costs by increasing the accuracy of data, reduce costs associated with unnecessary treatments and surgeries, and provide an innovative solution to animal health management problems.

Traction information

We have a simple tool that will significantly improve the lives of 50,000 law enforcement and military working dogs. We already have a contract with the U.S. Air Force, studying the feasibility of implementing our product into their systems. Our goal is to develop and deliver our software solutions into 4 industries; companion pets, equine, agriculture, and government totaling $266 billion. We believe we can capture $50 million in annual recurring revenue over the next 5 years.


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