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BioLum's innovative chemiluminescent technology provides a cutting-edge point-of-care biomarker detection platform for chronic diseases, allowing for the rapid evaluation of drug efficacy, quantitative understanding of disease progression, and early prediction of exacerbations.

BioLum’s flagship product, the BioSense AMD H2O2 (Airway Monitoring Device, Hydrogen Peroxide), is a point-of-care, low-cost device that analyzes respiratory inflammation in real time. This will allows clinicians and patients to monitor airway inflammation, Predict exacerbation, and Personalize treatments.

BioLum’s second test in the development pipeline is the BioSense VeNO (Vascular Endogenous Nitric Oxide) for cardiovascular disease, a unique finger-prick blood test that provides an instant readout of endothelial dysfunction and will transform cardiovascular healthcare. This will help predict risk of heart disease, select best treatment based on nitric oxide bioavailability, and Monitor disease progression.

Along with these products, our novel chemiluminescent techniques have garnered interest from a number of biopharmaceutical development companies. BioLum collaborates with pharmaceutical leaders to help analyze novel drug compounds and identify the mechanisms of action to personalize treatment.

• Shift to value based care
• Shit to remote monitoring
• Patient identification and stratification

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Problem statement

Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS) have been linked to development of several inflammatory diseases; yet, measuring RONS in the lab setting requires expensive instruments, time, and expertise.

Respiratory Disease (Asthma and COPD) is the 3rd leading cause of death. Asthma is the most common childhood disease. Exacerbations are the largest cost burden and most dangerous to lung health. Urgent need to monitor progression and prevent exacerbation.

Cardiovascular disease (heart failure, PAH) is the leading cause of death worldwide. 655,000 Americans die annually. Nitric Oxide regulates cardiovascular health. Urgent need to monitor nitric oxide and personalize treatments.

Traction information

We have gained 2 new pharmaceutical customers in 2023 with combined market cap >$257B.

We had a strong second half of 2022 after moving our lab back to Dallas last summer. In December, we secured an R&D contract with a publicly traded biopharma company, and we are currently raising an $800K bridge round to finalize our clinical respiratory system. We have a technical co-lead, Cortex Design, who is investing in the round and actively working with us to finalize the product. They are also in discussions with potential financial co-leads, and I'm looking to fill the rest of the round ($400K) with my network. This round is intended to provide significant upside in future rounds, while also supporting BioLum's mission of developing a platform for chronic diseases using our core chemiluminescent formula.

Additionally, we are making great progress on our Nitric Oxide test in blood, as we are halfway through an NIH grant and research is looking very promising. An investment in BioLum will tremendously strengthen our chances at a successful Phase II NIH grant (~$1.8M) to finalize a research kit and second clinical product. If any parties are interested in discussing the details around these updates, I'd be more than happy to schedule a call and share a summary of the bridge round terms.

Overall traction: Established brand, developed and tested a number of prototypes, IRB approved clinical studies, FDA pre-submission (510k pathway), won over 12 business plan competitions, raised angel and VC, NSF and NIH grants, partnership with Bayer Pharmaceuticals, patent pending, JLABS, BioLabs, Capital Factory, research and clinical sales near.


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We recently began offering certain research assay kits to pharma companies. We have gained 2 new pharmaceutical customers in 2023 with combined market cap >$257B. I have attached a brochure highlighting our assay kit specifications.

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Total raised to date:$1,094,000

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