CustomerXi (CX.i) is a marketing technology company that helps drive customer acquisition for restaurant chains so they can find, and better and engage guests

About CustomerX.i

CX.i is a Customer Data Platform that takes data from inside of stores to tie it to a bunch of outside data. The platform then leverages AI to make important decisions for operators to dramatically enhance the most important aspects of their business: finding more customers and optimize their marketing spend.

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Problem statement

The team have worked with the largest grocery chains globally, and have steered them to digital and physical transformations, resulting in data assets. Restaurants are structured very similar to retailers because of smaller profit margins, and have not had the financial capabilities to reinvest in the data revolution that has taken place. This provides an immense opportunity to replicate a proven model tailored to their industry and others.

Traction information

Roughly $40k in MRR, with 11 restaurant partners under contract (casual dining and fast casual restaurants). Revenue model is a SaaS subscription ranging from $49 - $499/month.


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