Cybrik’s project intelligence platform helps engineering and construction project team make better and faster decisions, reducing risk and resulting in significant improvements in cost and schedule performance.

About Cybrik

The team at Cybrik has spent a combined 35+ years in delivering on engineering & construction projects with companies such as NOV, SOFEC, and Oceaneering and know the challenges inherent to the existing project management processes.

They built a cloud-based SaaS project management platform for large construction projects which helps teams monitor the project data pipeline and alerts them to any changes or variations made, quickly find the data needed to do the job correctly, and quickly identify any changes made to project documents. They estimate this will provide ~$3M of value for a $100M project.

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Problem statement

Large, complex construction projects are primarily managed via a hodgepodge of software including email (yes, email), pdfs, spreadsheets, and more. It’s a headache to sort through, and worse, information can slip through the cracks leading to costly mistakes.

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