Companies tagged with Construction

Flying Houses - Extreme Living, Extreme Locations, Extremely Fast
Use Downstream Marketplace to find a hauler, recycler, scrapper, reseller, or landfill.
A FinTech-enabled market network for the commercial construction industry.
Prosrent is the go-to marketplace for construction equipment rentals.
Empower construction workers to maximize safety, minimize risk and increase productivity everyday.
Kugar is building a modular, Lego-like robotic manufacturing platform to provide flexible automated manufacturing at scale.
INFY is the producer of Intelligent NanoFiber, an absorbent nano-material capable of capturing and neutralizing toxins and infectious diseases.
CosmicAds helps B2B companies exponentially increase return on ad spend by leveraging artificial intelligence
Gozova is an on-demand delivery/transportation services platform focused on providing users with vetted, crowdsourced drivers for the transportation of good, large or small.
ShipShape believes your home should be smart enough to take care of itself and are seeing billions of dollars wasted because home maintenance is inefficient. They've created the "check engine light" for the home using AI and IOT to predict problems before they happen and take action.
360VR Technology has built building information platform with emphasis on risk management and facility analytics, particularly, virtualized buildings, aggregated data and cost savings. The platform is designed to optimize emergency, documentation and facility management: Point-cloud renders, enhanced floor-plans, exterior mapping, quick locator links, critical information.
Cybrik’s project intelligence platform helps engineering and construction project team make better and faster decisions, reducing risk and resulting in significant improvements in cost and schedule performance.
Location-driven construction management software for infrastructure projects
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