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Blockchain Infrastructure - Making Zero Trust Work (Dual-Use)

About GetChkd Inc.

GetChkd is a full-suite, permissioned blockchain infrastructure platform that connects, secures, and audits all systems.

GetChkd Core Features:
1. Interoperability and interchangeability of all systems (legacy, current, future) via a REST API
2. Rule and Role based access controls specific to each user to all data, applications, platforms, and devices via a metadata and security layer comprised of the REST API and smart contracts
3. Immutable audit trails of every action and transaction

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Problem statement

We live in an increasingly connected digital world: the average public SaaS platform has over 350 third-party API integrations. With all of that connectivity and sharing of data comes more vulnerability and more opportunities for sensitive user information to be compromised.

Blockchain has emerged as a unifying solution (Web 3) for these exact issues across sectors, which is why the DoD, NATO, 95% of decision makers in financial services and 60% of CIOs (in any industry) see blockchain investment as a top priority.

Traction information

Our POC successfully demonstrated how blockchain can be used in the built world to ensure a set of strict protocols were met for physical access to a facility – connecting health data and employee records to various hands-free access systems - door, facial recognition, turnstile, elevator.

Our MVP and paying client, Bula, is a social challenge app that allows users to challenge each other to anything via head to head videos. GetChkd's technology puts the terms of challenge (timestamp, referee, rules, winner/loser) on chain (a perfect use of immutable ledger) and utilizes its metadata and security layer to control read/write access to videos stored off chain. Bula is currently working on a new offering as the "TikTok of loyalty, reward, and promotion programs" - launching 3Q and making patrons Super Fans via video engagement.

We won both a SBIR and a STTR. SBIR "Blockchain Secure Data Sharing Platform." STTR "Unlocking Zero Trust - Achieving Interoperability and Interconnectivity." Several additional submissions in progress.

US Patent 11366916 Issued: Systems and Methods for Securing and Sharing Data Using Distributed Ledger Technology, continuation filed, as well as, patent filings in Japan, China and the EU

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GetChkd and Storj partner to shake up digital rights management.

Building the Revolutionary, Blockchain-based Social Challenge App: Bula

US Patent 11366916 Issued: Systems & Methods for Securing & Sharing Data Using Distributed Ledger Technology


Currently raising capital

Total raised to date:$1,250,000

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