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HOVER CITY designs and manufactures lightweight, high-end tiny houses that can be delivered via air to extreme locations. Our off-grid, modular houses can be rapidly deployed without relying on conventional infrastructure and conveyance, thus providing reliable and scalable housing solutions in remote and challenging environments.

Key Innovations
Agile Manufacturing: The current lead time is two weeks. Will be capable of manufacturing a house within 24 hours by Q4 2024.
Lightweight Design: At 3500 lbs, we are 60% lighter than competitors.
Off-Grid System: Turnkey product that is fully furnished and equipped with a 10 kWh solar energy system, 300 Gallons water collection and filtration system.
Airborne Delivery: Units can be deployed and stacked via helicopters
Modular and Stackable: The hexagonal design enhances the structural integrity when units are stacked, providing distinctive versatility in spatial utilization through limitless configurations..

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Problem statement

Prefab housing is very expensive and slow to build and deliver.
NGOS, government agencies, and private enterprises struggle to instantly deploy reliable housing into remote areas that lack infrastructure and resources.

Traction information

- Full Scale prototype
- Product delivered to first user
- 1st paying customer + 38 units in the pipeline
- Provisional patent
- LOI - Red Cross
- Strategic partnerships: Manufacturing, Engineering and System control, Components, Off-grid systems.
- Raised $50000 from F&F
- Open Pre-seed round of $600k with a $100k lead investor and great traction - Expected closing within 45 days

Product video

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March 2027

IPO - Exist

After proving the technology and capture a significant market share, we aim towards an exist via IPO in Q1 of 2027.

September 2024

2024 Scale up to $5.5M in revenue

We project 80 units sale. 10 in Q1

September 2024

Priced round

After establishing the Texas Hub, we will be ready to raise a VC round and scale internationally in Q1 2025

April 2024

Pre-seed round

$600K February - April 2024 Objective to grow revenue + deposit more patents

March 2024

Full Scale Flight System Demo

We are getting ready to demo the first full scale delivery via helicopter to south Texas


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Today the house is back to the factory ready for a facelift !! We can't wait to reveal the result!



Currently raising capital

round goal
Total raised to date:$50,000


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