Intelligent Nanofiber, Inc

INFY is the producer of Intelligent NanoFiber, an absorbent nano-material capable of capturing and neutralizing toxins and infectious diseases.

About Intelligent Nanofiber, Inc

Intelligent Fiber is an NRL-tested, patented technology. It is an absorbent nanomaterial that can capture multiple variations of toxins, breaking them down into non-toxic compounds. When impregnated into a base material, the material can be tuned to turn colors based on chemical detection and will self-decontaminate with exposure to UV radiation or direct sunlight. Integrating our solution into additional materials will not only keep harmful substances from reaching the first responders and health care providers; they can neutralize threats through capturing and converting them into less lethal substances.

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Problem statement

We have adapted this technology to address the current COVID-19 crisis by providing a solution to easily convert standard masks into higher performing masks, capable of collecting finer materials, including the COVID-19 virus itself. The nanofiber in question adheres to most surfaces, even glass, by applying it through a cost-effective spray system. Through such a system, we can adhere our material to any low-grade filter and vastly improve its performance and capacity to keep the individuals from coming into direct contact with the pathogen.

Traction information

-Submitted a $1 million Direct to Phase II with the Air Force in April of 2020
-Patented technology
-Secured lead investor of $250,000 from Switch Track Ventures in 2020 to continue expanding uses for the underlying technology.
-$500,000 in pre-sales for the technology as of June 2020.


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