Journey Foods

A software company powering product and ingredient intelligence. We help companies save time and money while improving food.

About Journey Foods

Journey Foods builds enterprise technology that improves product management, ingredient intelligence and distribution growth for CPG companies, ingredient suppliers, and manufacturers. With a focus on saving companies money and time, Journey Foods' tools accelerate innovation and improve decision-making with JourneyAI nutrition and supply chain insights.

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Problem statement

• $3 Trillion food production problem, 8 Billion people to Feed
• The packaged food dilemma - Not enough technology to make good food for 8 billion people
• Barriers to better products - 38,042 People / 1 Food Scientist, lack of focus on nutrition, supply chain stress, poor data and insights, not sustainable

Traction information

• Revenue - ~ 60K MRR for 3 months with over 40 companies, have over 500 companies in the pipeline from 5 continents
• 15 Months R&D and IP Building, 5 Months in Market
• Customers - 98 B2B USERS
• Melinda Gates finalist, recently completed Health Wildcatters Accelerator
• Current investors - Arlan Hamilton, SOSV, Chloe Capital, Seattle WIF, Lofty Ventures, Joseph DeSimone, Danielle Nierenberg


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