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Knobl stands as a pioneering for-profit enterprise, currently available for free on the Apple App Store, reshaping the paradigm of social impact. Diverging from conventional donation platforms, Knobl harnesses the potential of activity-based campaigns, seamlessly interfacing with four prominent APIs: Apple Health, Fortnite, Tesla, and Spotify. This distinctive methodology empowers users to seamlessly convert their routine activities into charitable contributions, cultivating a heightened sense of purpose and engagement.

In addition to revolutionizing charitable giving, Knobl emerges as a valuable asset within the burgeoning creator economy. By offering users an innovative avenue to monetize their philanthropic endeavors, Knobl not only facilitates meaningful contributions but also aligns with the dynamic trends in the digital landscape. This duality positions Knobl at the intersection of technological innovation, social impact, and the creator economy, providing a novel and impactful platform for both users and stakeholders alike.

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Problem statement

Knobl strategically addresses the challenges prevalent in the philanthropic landscape by recognizing and resolving common issues faced by its key stakeholders: Individuals, Non-Profits, and Brands/Companies. The frustrations and problems encountered by these entities may vary, but Knobl offers comprehensive solutions for each.

1.) Frustration Resolution:

Individuals: Knobl empowers individuals who aspire to support causes but face financial constraints by providing alternative means of contribution beyond monetary donations.

Nonprofits: Through Knobl, nonprofits gain the ability to articulate a compelling narrative, ensuring effective communication of their mission and impact.

Brands/Companies: Knobl assists brands and companies in achieving a measurable return on investment (ROI) for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives.

2.) Transparency Enhancement:

Individuals: Knobl ensures transparency by providing detailed information on where donated funds are allocated, fostering trust and accountability.

Nonprofits: The platform establishes clear metrics, enabling transparent reporting and accountability to donors.

Brands/Companies: Knobl facilitates the communication of supported causes to consumers, enhancing transparency and fostering trust in corporate philanthropy.

3.) Community Engagement:

Individuals: Knobl offers features that enable individuals to seamlessly invite friends and family to participate in and support shared causes, creating a sense of community.

Nonprofits: The platform assists nonprofits in devising strategies to encourage active participation within their communities.

Brands/Companies: Knobl provides tools and methods for brands to involve consumers in their CSR efforts, fostering community engagement and promoting a shared sense of purpose.

Knobl distinguishes itself as the premier platform that amalgamates innovative digital consumer experiences to provide robust solutions to the multifaceted challenges faced in the social impact space.

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Raised $500,000 in funding from angels.
Launched on Apple App Store
Partnership with Benevity for access to over 2 million nonprofits.
Through platform and completed campaigns, more than $10,000 has been sent to non profits.

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Total raised to date:$500,000

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