Companies tagged with Social Impact

Easy to Use, Impossible to Replicate
Privacy, Security, and Ownership are Human Rights
Cleanest Scalp Care For Mindful Menopause
Empowering everyday actions for extraordinary social impact
The community app for convos on relationships and sex.
Building Safe Spaces through food!
Enabling hospitals and clinics prevent medical errors, harm, and related cost
Preemptive debt reduction solution using everyday behavior to reuce student loan debt
Connecting People to the World’s Best Educational Resources in All Languages
Genuine. Authentic. Original. For connecting, not comparing.
Tax Free Return on Investments, Start an Kadogo Account!
Creating the Future of Diagnostic Accessibility for the Price of a Latte!
Accelerist is a SaaS platform that helps enterprise nonprofits prospect, price and prove ROI to their corporate donors in 1/2 the time and for 80% less cost than other alternatives.
Life-changing phone service for families with cognitive challenges
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