From your tiny farm to your fork, meet your next appliance. From Modgarden.
Founded 2015-04-29 Austin, Texas

Problem statement

The food we’re eating is slowly killing us.

Food is grown using increasing synthetic & genetic inputs in our soil and plants, as opposed to biologically, the way it used to be.

An average human body now needs 100+ carrots to get the same polyphenals from one 85 years ago. (

‘X-Ponics’ solutions do not respond to healthiness of the plants and are being shown to have significant lower nutrient values.

Lack of affordability & accessibility – Organic produce comes at a price premium (7% to 20%+). A supply gap ensues, where <2% of North American farmland is organic as demand continues to grow at 14% YoY.

Environmental impact – Industrial agriculture is responsible for nearly a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

About company

Taking us back 100 years, when the soils were pure and food was on the table in hours, not days; when food traveled in “steps” not miles - Modgarden aims to turn cities into regenerative AgroCentric communities again.

tinyFarm, a smart appliance, like a “Keurig” for fresh salads, enables urbanites to produce organic food right in their home, on the countertop or stacked like LEGO against a wall, at the touch of a button.

Aiming to disrupt industrial and hydroponic agriculture - Modgarden’s tinyFarm grows food using a proprietary soil blend sourced with only natural organic ingredients for not only optimum plant nutrition but also human health.

  • TAM is 41M US Households (USH) with Food Gardens, $8.6 B.
  • SAM is 2.5M USH, i. Mothers aged 25-55, ii. who garden for food, iii. in 15 cities that go through an extreme climate, $500M.

Modgarden’s vision is to feed cities the purest food D2C as well as B2B, and develop closed-loop solutions, that also rejuvenate table food waste into usable soil again, creating a net-positive impact and a healthier circular ‘food’-print.

Traction information

  • Utility patent pending, design patent granted, trade secrets on super soil recipe,
  • 132 pre-paid customers over a 6 day in-person campaign,
  • Winner Milan Design Week, (out of 543 global products),
  • Winner QVC’s - Kitchen electrics competition,
  • Awarded Expert Preferred Vendor for a UN development in Portugal.

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