Aamar Khwaja

Saving organic farming. Know and grow your food.


Meet Aamar Khwaja, a foodie with a fiduciary mind. Aamar is the founder of Modgarden. Once a Wall Street banking professional with roles ranging from iBanking to Technology Management, Trading and Risk Management, Aamar found himself stuck and sick from his life and food.

To address his health crisis, Aamar channeled his years spent in banking for JPMorgan/Bank America into an entrepreneurial solution to his own problem—Modgarden.

Aamar has morphed into a dedicated entrepreneur, single dad, and a passionate believer in the power of home-grown organic food to change your health and the world around you. Aamar isn’t your average tiny farmer. In fact, he’s not your average anything.


Restoring nutrient security from soil to our cells.


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