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ReVIVE has a B2B Enterprise SW Platform for Process Intelligence, that competes in the traditional Process Mining Space (like Celonis & others) w/ functionality the traditional Process Miners have never been able to deliver and has kept them out of some of the largest Fortune 500/1000 sized accounts

The way to think about Process Mining & Process Intelligence, if you think about PowerBI & Tableau, those are Data Visualization & Data Analytics platforms, Process Mining & Process Intelligence are Process Visualization & Process Analytics, seeing the business process relationships in the data.

At a large Fortune50 ($100bill+) customer, in a 6month business window of data, our platform discovered actionable sources of $14bill in delayed revenues where the customer lacked full & detailed (actionable) visibility.

- In a head to head, this was not only invisible to our largest competitor, after a year of trying and racking up a million or two of sys integrator standup fees, they were thrown out.

- We completed the task in less than a month with a standard $25k PoC.

The business model is the standard annual software license. Unlike some of the Process Mining players who are cloud only, we are cloud agnostic and can operate in the customer's on prem data center as well or in hybrid including multiple clouds & on prem.

We are a Microsoft Co-Sell Partner, meaning we have access to Microsoft's Industry Solutions Teams and Customer Account teams. As we close a deal & use case at a customer (just to use as an example Ford) we can then go to the Automotive Industry Solutions team to replicate at other automakers (like GM, BMW, Toyota, etc). We can do this across any industry. This is the 4th company Bill Cockerill has taken to Microsoft Partnership, as such he's extremely well connected into Microsoft.

NTT DATA is also a partner, and others are coming on.

Current paying customers include McKesson, Mitre, Apria, and others.

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Problem statement

Traditional Process Mining (Celonis & others) has limitations in terms of only producing Estimated Process Maps based on probabilities and taking 3 - 12+ months to do that

- And further being relegated to Accounts Payable (Procure2Pay) & Accounts Receivable (Order2Cash). But essentially cannot do high value high cost & extremely complex processes like Supply Chain & Logistics (and Industrial Processes are not even a consideration)

ReVIVE's Process Intelligence Platform has none of these limitations, and automatically generates Actual Process Maps in less than a month

- And can handle the most complex business processes including Supply Chain & Logistics and even Industrial Processes (like refineries & petrochemical plants) and Operational Processes (like telecom carriers).

- W/ our success, we now are being taken by customer teams to address FP&A particularly optimizing process of closing books & qtrly reporting (resources are locked up from other responsibilities until this process completes, so efficiency frees up those resources sooner and makes for a more accurate outcome), as a tool for 6sigma corp process re-engineering teams (currently one corp's team maps processes manually so has an 18mo backlog, can easily knock this down to 6mo enabling more projects/year & more depts will sign up to a 6mo backlog who would pass on a 18mo backlog), customers also looking at platform to use for Real Time Audit & Real Time Compliance

Our Process Intelligence platform set a record of 150x the industry ceiling for the largest data ingest & Business Process Map build out vs the Process Mining space we compete in.

- The traditional Process Miners tend to have a ceiling somewhere less than 1million records.

- Working w/ a Fortune 50 ($100+bill) customer, our platform for the 1st time by any company in this space loaded, mapped, & fully analyzed a 150million record (1TB) data set & fully mapped the business processes on the 1st try.

- After some tweaks to our platform, we have since reduced this to seconds.

No one else in this space has ever loaded & mapped business processes for a data set this large. We have yet to be tested to know what our ceiling is other than 150x the rest of the industry.

- Our Partners, like NTT Data are finding they can shave months off of their Business Process Automation projects by employing ReVIVE's Process Intelligence platform as opposed to using any of the traditional Process Mining applications

- Because these partners fix price their project bids, to the extent their competition is not using ReVIVE, our partners can maintain their per project pricing levels and can now turn more projects per year, resulting in higher topline annual revenues & higher bottom line margins.

- Once the Actual Process Maps are automatically generated, our Platform also has an Advanced Process Analytics layer to extract deep insights customers otherwise wouldn't have into their most complex high value business processes

- to drive optimization, productivity, & significant cost savings

These full capabilities described above are what customers & partners expected from the traditional Process Miners, many customers (& partners) passed on the Process Miners or in some cases are now switching to ReVIVE as we are the only company in the world w/ these full capabilities.

Traction information

Microsoft & NTT Data Partnerships (& others and more on the way)

Business at McKesson (they passed on Celonis), Mitre, Apria, and more on the way (including others who are either abandoning their traditional Process Mining player or evaluated & failed them).

We see the Mitre business as leading to their federal government & DoD customers like USTRANSCOM and Defense Logistics Agency, two of the largest movers of people & things in the world w/ some of the largest Supply Chain & Logistics use cases in the world, for reasons noted above our competition cannot even take these mtgs.

2022 revs finished at $330k a 32% beat of the $250k estimate. 2023 rev target range is at $3mill - $5mill, based on Paid PoCs & Conversions to Annual Licenses and more paid PoCs coming on, and as well our increase from introductory pricing.


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