Life-changing phone service for families with cognitive challenges
Founded 2016-01-04 Frisco, TX

Problem statement

There are over 10 million seniors in the USA living with dementia and other cognitive issues, that’s 18% of the senior population. These seniors are also being cared for by 20 million family caregivers, most over 55 years old themselves. Most of these seniors have challenges using the phone; repeatedly calling friends & family, and calling all throughout the night. Many are easily swayed, buying everything they see on TV. They are also defrauded of $36 billion a year, 18% of which is by toxic family members and friends. Many also make unnecessary 911 calls resulting in fines to the families.

There are an additional 24 million individuals with other cognitive challenges; including Autism, TBI, and the Intellectually Disabled – many being cared for by the 50-plus age group as well. These challenges cause substantial loneliness, isolation, and stress, both to the individual and the family caregivers. Isolation has been proven to have negative mental as well as physical effects. This can increase the progression of the senior’s dementia, as well as the strain placed on the caregiver.

This represents a TAM of $12.4 billion (34 million people) in the US alone.

About company

teleCalm stops problem calls for seniors living with Alzheimer’s & other cognitive challenges. teleCalm's landline and cell phone service empowers families to stop late-night calls, repeated calls, 911 abuse, elder fraud, and 100% of telemarketer and scam calls. Our service works with family caregivers to help their loved ones age in place, maintain their independence, reduce senior isolation, and reduce caregiver stress.

Family caregivers subscribe to our $50 monthly phone service for their loved-one and manage that service remotely through the Caregiver app. Most subscribe to our service to stop OUTGOING call problems, but they also love that we block 100% of the incoming telemarketer / scam calls as well. Caregivers set custom quiet hours to manage late-night calling and curb repeated dialing issues automatically. Caregivers can also limit incoming and outgoing calls to only pre-approved contacts. For seniors in senior living communities who abuse 911 calling, teleCalm can block or reroute these calls to nurses stations. 

teleCalm’s patent-protected service is the ONLY service that stops outgoing call problems and restricts calls to only trusted contacts. teleCalm is a veteran and woman-owned social impact company.

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