Connect local food artisans direct to local consumers and handle payment and last mile delivery. Think Etsy meets Favor for hyper-local food.

About Vinder

Vinder is an app connecting local food artisans direct to consumers handling the payments and last-mile delivery. Etsy meets UberEats. Free to sign-up / sell. 20% convenience fee charged to buyer.

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Problem statement

U.S. centralized food supply chain is broken, local food producers are fragmented with
limited distribution channels, consumers demand delivery that vendors cannot afford

Traction information

Revenue: April: $5.7k, May: $4.8k, June: $3.4k, July: $8.9k, August: $10k
Average Order Value: $64.30
M.o.M. Seller Growth: 39%
M.o.M. Customer Growth: 242%
$65,300 in the bank, Burn Rate: $7,000, Runway: 9 months
Fundraising -
Past - Raised $500k pre-seed at $3M
Current - $1.5M Seed round, $6M valuation
$85k funded, $125k committed, $850k verbal committed
SXSW agricultural supply
Food Lion/Stop & Shop - Ahul Delways: went through supply chain innovation program, one of 5 companies
Advisors/Inestors: Evan Segal - Investor - CFO of United States Department of Agriculture, Ben Lipson - Advisor - Director of Enterprise Partnership @ DoorDash


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