Andrew Vandekop

Inventor | CEO at Well Water Finders, Inc.


I began my career in robotics engineering and sold my first patent at age 29. I've been in new product development my entire career including serving as a founding team member of a telecom startup that went public on the NYSE in 2006 for $410 million. My current passion is helping landowners locate groundwater using my latest invention (US Patent # 10830915). The system uses EM waves to see under the ground down to 10,000 feet. We're currently using the technology to locate the depth and amount of existing groundwater to help monitor groundwater levels for use and recharge. In 2024, we'll be manufacturing units to serve communities worldwide.


We locate groundwater - addressing critical challenges in real estate, agriculture, ranching, municipalities, and beyond.


Natural Resources & EnvironmentAgriculture & Food SupplyReal Estate
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