Rumaiza Ali


As an Architect and an Award-Winning Wedding Planner, Rumaiza has planned and executed celebrity, destination weddings with events worth $3M in her portfolio. Under her leadership, she has managed over 400+ crew members on site. Rumaiza was awarded for the "Best Upcoming Wedding Planner" and "Best Floral Artistry" at the International Convention of Wedding Fraternity (ICWF) in association with GIWA.

She's an eminent design mastermind, product-obsessed avenger, detail-loving founder, stubborn-as-heck achiever and individualist, and a frequent flyer.. living off a suitcase! Her portfolio includes clients ranging from high-profile automobile tycoons (Toyota), Indian sports celebrities and industrialists.

As the CEO of Wedy, Rumaiza strategized and defined the product vision. She remains laser focused and committed to build not just an easy but also a highly flexible booking platform to power the creative economy at scale. She's an overachiever who can create structure from chaos and will simply get it done! Her innate business acumen helps her foresee market trends and cut through the clutter. At 18, it is this vigor combined with strong leadership skills that had led to raising her first seed investment. The success of this venture earned her the recognition of the "Youngest Student Entrepreneur" and "The Rise of Female Founders" in the tabloids.

Currently, she's en-route to reimagining the events and service industry, creating positive user experiences, and exploring the intersection of weddings, design and technology.


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