CosmicAds helps B2B companies exponentially increase return on ad spend by leveraging artificial intelligence

About CosmicAds

CosmicAds is the only end-to-end solution that can effectively create profitable digital advertising campaigns for enterprise B2B companies. The platform uses task automation and machine learning to assist with every step of ad campaign creation: from strategy, to content, optimization and reporting. Once campaigns are live, they can predict which ads and audiences will perform best before the native machine learning algorithms inside Demand-Side Platforms like Facebook Ads can. They also send performance data back to the front end to assist with ad production, leveraging this feedback loop to help produce more effective ad creatives over time.

Selling into Enterprise, Government & Defense

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Problem statement

• B2B marketing teams are constantly in chaos
• Complicated offerings and customer journey
• Too much results data and personalization for human teams to efficiently manage

Traction information

• 4 customers (Fortune 500, VC-backed startup, consulting firm, Harper Research)
• $19k MRR, $25k MRR (july projected)
• Techstars graduates
• Fundraise: currently self-funded (~$75k) and bootstrapping as necessary
• Total of $5M contract opportunity in the pipeline - SBIRs, Veterans Administration, city grants, etc
• Customer review - “We’re getting $17 in revenue for every $1 we spend with CosmicAds. It’s unlike any advertising solution we’ve tried before.” - Ray Kallmeyer, CEO of Enklu
• Brendan (CEO) is a veteran and has also been a co-working member at CF for last 10 months


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